My name is Barry,

I met Kevin through my drug worker Avril. When I met Kevin I was down and out with nowhere to live or sleep. I was depressed, could not read and write properly, found it hard to go to appointments, and did not trust people – let’s just say I had issues.

I have known Kevin for about 3 years now, since knowing him, and with the help of my drug worker, I have stayed off drugs, I now have somewhere to live, and through Faith Hope and Enterprise I met a lady called Debs who has helped me with my reading and writing, which is coming on strong now.

I also had problems dealing with people, so many of them had done bad things to me, I didn’t trust them, but I am slowly working on that – tiny steps yes.

Things are looking up, I would like to say thank you to Kevin and Mel and all the Faith Hope and Enterprise team. If they can help you they will, if not, they will find someone for you.

I could not ask for better, and my depression is also getting better slowly.

All in all, it’s looking good. I would also like to say thank you to Avril and Debs.


With 11 years of substance misuse and all the horrors that come with that, I found a solution to start on my journey of recovery.

I was about 40 days clean but was still homeless and sofa surfing when I found Faith Hope Enterprise on the internet. I managed to arrange a meeting with Kevin at a cafe in Derby to discuss my situation. I can’t express the relief and gratitude I felt in the moment when a bedroom was offered to me. Kevin and his family welcomed me not just into one of their properties but more amazingly, into their lives.

Kevin was a huge support to me and met with me regularly. We would go for walks, for food, for coffee, and he’d take me to meetings. You name it, Kevin was there. The guys that work with Kevin gave me so many laughs and I used to love them coming round. They were all so helpful and supportive. Kevin’s wife, Mel, offered to teach me to play the piano and even let me borrow one to practise at home.

I spent evenings with Kevin, Mel and his three beautiful girls, playing music, watching TV, eating meals and laughing whilst gradually building hope within me. Faith Hope and Enterprise gave me an incredible platform to start rebuilding my life. I still get goosebumps when I think back to that part of my life and cant help but think that if it wasn’t for Faith Hope Enterprise I don’t know where I would be today.

Faith and hope in myself was definitely created during my time with these selfless and beautiful people. Today, I am over 4 years clean and sober (woop), I’m employable and love my job, I’ve done a lot of travelling, I have my own place and I’m a functioning member of society. I have amazing relationships with family and friends and have learnt to take care of myself properly! My life today is truly amazing and yes, times can still be tough but thats just life! It’s how I deal with it that makes all the difference now.


Have you ever been on the internet and typed in hope and faith? No? Well, what comes up is a series about a lady who I’m sure is lovely but isn’t real.

Type in faith hope and enterprise and you will see, real life, real people, that need help, and are getting the help they require from good, caring people.

I have only been receiving their services for a short while, but in that time, I have gained friends and confidence in people, I didn’t think I ever could.

In this time I have reached rock bottom and been brought back up by people who haven’t judged me, but accepted me for who I am.

So I say this, this charity isn’t about profit, isn’t about fame, its about helping people who can’t help themselves.


I was an alcoholic and in prison for driving whilst drunk when a support worker for Faith Hope and Enterprise came to prison and interviewed me in 2012. It was good to know that I would have a home to go to and some support in place. I was glad that they met me at the prison gate when I was released.

I lived in a shared house and then my own flat.

I was able to volunteer with the company while I lived in their accommodation, helping with practical jobs such as decorating and gardening. It gave me a sense of purpose and I still regularly help with practical tasks.

I became alcohol free and moved into my own, independent accommodation in 2018.

Now, I see support workers on a social basis, volunteer with practical tasks that need doing and meet with the trustees of the charity regularly to provide guidance and feedback on their decisions from the perspective of residents and as someone who has turned their life around because of their support and encouragement.


I was in one of the darkest holes I have ever been in when I met Faith Hope and Enterprise. I had nowhere to live, I was on drugs and drinking heavily. I met Kevin at McDonald’s for coffee and we talked. It wasn’t like any other service I’ve known. It wasn’t clinical but friendly. Kevin asked me what I wanted in my life.

I moved into a shared house and things got worse before they got better. I was sent to prison but stayed in contact with Kevin, who wrote to me there and I moved back into their accommodation when I was released.

I did fall back into the old crowd at first but then I met my partner and things began to turn around. I wanted to change and Faith Hope and Enterprise helped me to access the help and support that I needed.

Now, I am free from drugs and can drink in a social, controlled way. I value the support of Faith Hope and Enterprise and sometimes help them with work that needs carrying out in their properties. Life is really good.

Without their help, I would probably be dead or back in prison. I am very grateful to them for all the support that they have given me.

Matthew and Emma

We joined Faith Hope and Enterprise in May and November 2012, living in a shared house in Derby. At the time, we both misused drugs and alcohol and were not very good at budgeting for essential things.

Faith Hope and Enterprise supported us through the changes we wanted to make and gradually we were able to achieve them. We are now free from drugs and alcohol and much better at managing our money. This hasn’t always been easy and there have been mistakes along the way but they have always been there to help and support us.

In 2014 we had a daughter together and we really love being a family. Faith Hope and Enterprise provided a family home for us and continue to support us as we bring up our little girl.

We are very positive about our future together and look forward to the better life we are building.


I was a long term drug addict with some serious health problems. I met Faith Hope and Enterprise through a drop in centre in Derby and they said that they could help me. I moved into some shared accommodation with them and got myself clean.

I learned bush-craft and tree surgery and improved my literacy and computer skills.

I now live in my own flat and I have made good friends through Faith Hope and Enterprise. I enjoy a number of social events with them and am looking forward to a more positive future.






I had an unhappy childhood, to the point where I was taken into care for my own protection. There were legal disputes about my future family which never got resolved and I remained in the care system until I left at 18 years old. This was not a good life experience for me as I was shown very little love and experienced and witnessed some very unpleasant things.

I was very insecure and unstable when I began to live independently, with no family left to ask for help. I ended up in the prison system with a list of convictions. There was a pattern to my behaviour caused by violent anger towards people in authority and eventually I received a lengthy prison sentence for a very serious offence.

I then met a Christian man called Michael who took me in and I began to attend Emmanuel Church in Chase Terrace where I eventually became a Christian myself, at an otherwise very dark time in my life. I was still unable to resolve my anger though, and following a further conviction I moved to Birmingham to try and begin again, but to no avail.

While there, I met a man from Birmingham City Mission who suggested I try Betel of Britain. I rang them and in March 2002 I went there to take stock of my life and to learn more about being a Christian. They enabled me to live a faith based life which I enjoyed very much. I learned more about God’s love and blessings and the importance of having a relationship with Him every day. I worked as a volunteer for three months at their centre in New York and also in Birmingham, telling other people about how a life based on faith in God was beneficial. I then helped pioneer opening a new centre with them in Derby.

In 2010 I moved into accommodation with Faith Hope and Enterprise. I now live in my own flat in Derby. I have a good circle of friends and have accessed professional services to help me overcome the challenges caused by the early stages of my life. I am rebuilding my family relationships and have begun to visit family members that I have not seen for years.

For the first time in my life, I feel stable and secure. I am looking forward to the future and to all the good things that I believe God has for me.




Anonymous Current Resident

My story starts with me being homeless, sleeping in a hostel in Derby and having regular appointments with probation services after a big mistake in my life.

I first heard of Faith Hope and Enterprise from a counsellor who felt a meeting would be beneficial. I met Kevin whilst I was at one of the lowest points in my life. I had all but given up hope.

Kevin and the whole team at Faith Hope and Enterprise helped me pull through and take positive steps towards a more fulfilled life. After a few slip ups, I am now through my probation period, living in shared accommodation and looking for work. I still have some things to work on but I am getting there.

I am so grateful for the continued support from Kevin and the team. It is invaluable and I would not be where I am today without them.